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Congratulations to Our 2021 Eagles & Ag Photo Contest Winners!


Congratulations to Kathy Port and Kim Hunter Steed, the winners of the 2021 Eagles & Agriculture Photo Contest. As usual the competition was stiff from hundreds of photos, Kathy got a great shot of an eagle alighting on a post (Eagles category) while Kim captured a rancher helping cow and calf on a snowy day (Agriculture category). Thank you to all the photographers who submitted to the contest, their talent and hard work really showcases the Carson Valley. We can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with next year!

Highlights from 2020 Eagles & Ag: A Great Event!

The weekend could not have been better...a great crowd, really nice weather, a wonderful collection of birders, bs-ers, falconers and volunteers along with cooperative eagles! 

One of the highlights was the Falconers Dinner and the presentation of Daron Joffe, 'Farmer D' on the potential of agrihoods to transform how we view development in the Carson Valley.

Take a look at the Agrihood presentation here. 


Click here to go directly to information on how you can receive first notice of 2022 Eagles & Ag reservations.

2020 Photo Contest Winners are Muller and Chan!

The decisions were not easy, all of our entrants put some amazing shots together capturing the true beauty and spirit of the wildlife and nature of the Carson Valley and ultimately the committee selected a great Eagle Portrait from Merry Muller in the Eagle category and Michael Chan’s Dangberg Double Rainbow Angus image in the Wildlife/Agriculture category as the 2020 winners. Congratulations!

Below are all of the entries we received for the 2020 Eagles & Ag Photo Contest grouped by photographer. You can't download these images but if you like a particular image drop us a note with the photographer's name and we'll send you an e-mail contact.

Images from Aaron Smith

Images from Merry Muller

Images from Dave Rogers

Images from Jill Downs

Images from John Cocores

Images from Kathy Port

Images from Kenneth Struven

Images from Kim Steed

Images from Marc Crumpler

Images from Michael Chan

Images from Nancy Florence

Images from Nancy Hulsey

Images from Robin Grueninger

Images from Tamar Robinson

Images from Tami Force

Image from Theresa Mathieson

Mathieson Eagles and Ag photo Sunday 1-26-2020

Images from Wendy Francis